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This Page is All About Peter Minkoff, Dallas

Peter Minkoff  relocated to the Dallas area 30 years ago.  Taking a cue from his brother – a prominent Texas home builder – Peter started out purchasing three lots in Carrollton.  Using plans from a design shop, Peter started building his first three homes.  They sold right away and Minkoff Builders was born.

Peter Minkoff  says his personal preference is to build traditional homes. “The type of home is not as important to me as is the customer,” he says, adding, “I try to find out as much as I can about the lifestyle of my homeowner and their family so that I can design a home that they can feel comfortable at all times. I never want my homeowner to wish we had built the home differently.”

Recently  a homeowner told Peter that he rarely leaves his home because he loves the house. “If I can achieve that, I’ve reached the top. Money is not what drives me to build homes. I love it when a homeowner brags about the home that I have built for him,” Peter continues.

Peter Minkoff says that knowing that he has contributed something that will last longer than his lifetime is its own reward.